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SnapIT 'Fisheye' marine camera housing

Industrial marine camera, full production

Ultra rugged housing for custom electronics, capable of withstanding 50m underwater, operating temperatures between -50 C° to 70 C°. Prototyped in machined stainless steel, production investment cast stainless with post machining on critical and aesthetic areas. The small round camera is a USB based auxiliary camera, screw together in anodised aluminium or engineering plastic.

ForSnapIT Ltd, Nelson, New Zealand RoleIndustrial design, product development, component sourcing
DateJuly 2015 Snapit FisheyeCamera and USB camera

Primary Camera Assembly

Primary Camera Housings

Secondary USB Camera Housings

Initial Prototype Machined Detail

Initial Concepts

SnapIT ‘Fish-eye’ primary and secondary cameras, cast and machined stainless steel housings, common injection moulded polycarbonate lenses, custom moulded primary seals, custom electronics. Waterproof to 50m, virtually indestructible!