Aran Pudney — The Furnace, 3D Hydrographic Maps, based in Lyall Bay, Wellington NZ

Reef Chandelier

Comissioned Pieces

321 clear resin fish gently swim around a central light source, twitching and moving in the breeze. This commission took over a year to complete, and now forms the centrepiece to a new holiday home in the Marlborough Sounds. Hanging high in a turret, the chandelier features five unique fish that encourage people to sit beneath and study the school. Each of the fish are hand cast in clear polyester resin, with varying tints and pearl effects, and are modelled on the eponymous New Zealand sweet, the Chocolate Fish.

ForPrivate commission, Marlborough, New Zealand

Reef from below

Reef in place

Chandelier Detail

Reef chandelier in the turret

Fish detail, this bitten fish is one of the five unusual castings.

Reef at night