Aran Pudney — The Furnace, 3D Hydrographic Maps, based in Lyall Bay, Wellington NZ


The projects pictured here are a mix of items designed and made to order for clients, as well as some items I have designed and built as gifts, or just things I needed myself!

ForVarious clients

Folding privacy screens, inspired by Japanese Shoji. Using cedar, woven bamboo and paper, these are exceptionally light, weighing just 2kg per panel.

Folding privacy screens, inspired by Japanese Shoji. 3 different colourways.

Coffee table, I was given an attractive slab of Kauri, this table was made to best show off the grain and colour of the slab.

Mah Jong box commissioned by a client for an antique ivory set. The brief was to try and blend traditional and modern styles.

Detail of drawers on Mah Jong box. There is a hidden space behind the drawers that houses the original sketches and concept drawings for the box.